How it works


Investor how to

Always wanted to be an Angel Investor? Well now investing in startups is easy thanks to SEEDLY. You choose which companies to support and how much to invest in exchange for shares. If a company doesn't meet its funding target, your money is returned. There are no fees to invest and you can start from as little as $500.

Over time hopefully the businesses you have backed grow and make an exit at a higher valuation. This is usually done by listing on the stock market or through acquisition. The process is simple, just follow these four steps:


Joining as an investor is free (so is investing) and only takes a minute. Regular investors can invest up to $10,000 in any given offer on SEEDLY. If you're a wholesale or 'sophisticated' investor, then you can invest as much as you like. Simply fill in the registration form to get started.


As a member of SEEDLY you can browse all of our live investment opportunities, review business plans, financials and key market data to make your decision. You can also speak directly with each company and ask about their offer using the built in discussion feature before committing to invest. All offers have been thoroughly checked to ensure they meet our strict guidelines. 


Select your chosen offers and how much you'd like to invest, starting from as little as $500. Invest in one company or as many as you like. Once the deal reaches its funding target we'll trigger your investment, subject to any cooling-off periods. If the company doesn't reach its target, no money will leave your account. 


We'll do all the paperwork and issue you with your share certificate information. Depending on the offer, you may also be eligible for special tax benefits. If so, we'll send you the details for that too. Now you can keep track of the company, tell your friends and look at other offers. It really is that simple.


Fundraiser how to

Raising capital through SEEDLY is fast and cost efficient. At a lower cost of capital than traditional methods, equity crowdfunding also lets you dictate terms and set an equity stake that you are comfortable giving away. As an early-stage, startup or growth company you can raise up to $5 million from our investor crowd in any 12 month period. Our team will support you before, during and after funding and provide all the legal and administrative paperwork so you can focus on your business.

The process is simple, just follow these four steps:

Submit your Pitch to SEEDLY

Tell us about your company, your funding needs, your business strategy. Share the materials you've already created - like a pitch deck and market research. Our team will then evaluate your offer and make an initial assessment on suitability for the crowd. It's free to pitch. But remember, the more thorough you are, the better your chances.

Prepare your offer

We'll give you full access to our platform and business planning tools to work on your funding campaign for the crowd. Our team will help you along the way and provide expert advice on your marketing plans, pitch story and video. We'll take care of all the legal and administration paperwork too.

Launch and Promote

Once your offer goes live you'll need to swing into action on your marketing and promotion activity. Campaigns that gain momentum early are far more successful, so you'll need to have a plan of attack before you get to this stage. Consider contacting your customers, friends, suppliers or backers from earlier funding rounds. The average campaign gets funded within a month - so there will be no time to waste!

Deal funded

Once your offer reaches its target and after the mandatory cooling-off period, we'll close your funding round, process the investments and the funds will be transferred to you, minus commission and any relevant transaction fees. Now you can get on with growing your company and creating something amazing!